Neutralizer News is an AI experiment in generating more holistic news stories. We use advanced AI techniques to combine statements from many related news articles. The outcome is an article covering a wide spectrum of opinions. Each paragraph has links to the text referenced when writing the paragraph, allowing users to quickly validate claims while reading the article. Readers enjoy expansive coverage while only needing to read one article.

We make no judgments about which sources to use. We retrieve the most relevant news results we can find for each story. If you searched for a news event on Google, you will find our sourcing is similar.

Here are the principles of Neutralizer News:

  1. Do not draw conclusions, only represent what the articles stated. Every statement you see comes directly from an article, we just create a cohesive report.
  2. No judgment on sources. We show you articles from a variety of sources. After reading, you’ll understand the major takeaways from every political aisle.
  3. Do not report a claim without citing text. Every paragraph cites all relevant text. You can follow these links to direct text. This way you can validate claims yourself and still get exposure to many viewpoints.

We hope you enjoy reading articles from Neutralizer News! If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please reach out to us at team@netutralizer.news.

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